rsModal jQuery Modal

Why make another jQuery modal plugin? All you need to do is Google, “jQuery Modal Plugin” You will find so many of them! While I do tend to make use of a few of these, I always prefer to make my own plugin. You learn more by doing things yourself! Here is my learning curve with this plugin.

Try the modal –


Download the plugin here

After including jQuery and the rsModal plugin, instantiate rsModal like so:


Tested on IE8+, Firefox 3.6+, Chrome 15+, Opera 12.5+, Safari 4+


option description default type
background Background colour of the modal window #FFF string
height Height of the modal 323px string
width Width of the modal 500px string
top Top position of the modal 50% string
left Left position of the modal 50% string
marginL Left margin of the modal -250px string
marginT Top margin of the modal -161px string
title Title of the modal rsModal string

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