RS Custom Popup

RS Custom Popup is a WordPress plugin, that allows the user to add a popup image to their site.

RS Custom Popup

The following options are available to the user –

  • Image
  • Link
  • Close Button Colours
  • Cookie Control

The user is able to select an image from their media gallery or by uploading. This is a required part of the process as without this there would be no popup!

Once the user has selected their image they are able to specify a link that the popup will link to. This is not required as the popup could simply be for information rather than driving users of the site to a specific place.

The close button that appears with the popup can be styled to help suit the site that it appears on. The user is able to specify the background colour and colour of the “X”

RS Custom Popup

The last option that is available to the user is the ability to choose whether to drop a cookie on the user of the websites machine. This will make sure that the popup does not show once they have closed the popup down.


RS Custom Popup can be found here

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