Blackeden Down

Blackeden Down is a simple to learn game of strategy and cunning. Specifically made for iOS on the iPad

Available on the App Store

Set in a fictional medieval world. You must Attack enemy forces, and transfer and strengthen your armies in phased-based warfare, to destroy the evil Lord Anannar to reclaim your throne!

The game has been crated using HTML and Javascript. I have used PhoneGap in order to turn this into a native app and make use of the various features that the iPad comes with.

For now, the game comes loaded with only the first chapter and first map in the story of Blackeden Down. I plan to add to the game with a series of chapters and maps that further the story. When you first begin the game, you can access the story of Blackeden Down by sliding the home screen to the left. When you have finished reading the story, you are ready to go with the battle in the first chapter.

Select the starting army value. By default your starting army value will be 3. When you are satisfied with this. Click battle! If you would like to contact me about Blackeden Down you can use the contact page on my website or contact me through the BlackedenDown twitter account. I welcome all bug findings and suggestions to further enhance the game.

Game updates can be found on my blog.

Battle Screen Chapter 1

Battle Screen Chapter 1