Asteroid Blaster

Using HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript, I have created an arcade style top down space shooting game called Asteroid Blaster. The aim of the game is to save the world from the onslaught of the asteroid attack. Each level you survive the more asteroids you will need to destroy!

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Canvas is an element, part of HTML5 and allows for dynamic, script-able rendering of 2D shapes and bitmap images. This project started out as a learning process for myself in working with a lot of the newer additions to HTML. I thought it was a fun little game and wanted to share what I had made with everyone.

Asteroid Blaster

Asteroid Blaster

I do not have much planned for updating the app. There are obvious updates that I will make. Currently for example with each level the amount of asteroids increases by 1. This can mean a long game! which I feel is imperative to the future of the game. There is nothing worse than a game being to easy and short lived! I plan to increase the speed of each asteroid based on the level the user is currently on. The aim of this is to add another level of difficulty.

With the increase of asteroids and speed. It may become difficult for many players to get far in the game. I plan to, but to not hold myself to this. Add an ability to have other weapons. These types of weapons could be a weapon that when activated destroys all asteroids on the screen. There would need to be a limitation to the amount of uses of said weapon. Or these types of weapons could possibly be in app purchases.

If anyone has any ideas or changes that they see enhancing the app. Please contact me and let me know.

Game updates can be found on my blog.