James Butcher Portfolio

September 26, 2014

James, is a part time lecturer at Staffordshire University, teaching on the games award. He came to me with the requirment of showing the work that he does in his spare time and his part time role as an environment artist.

His site is built responsively within WordPress. Various plugins where written in order to provide James with the ability to add pieces of his work to different areas of his site.

Bust A Bubble

August 31, 2014

A game for Firefox OS, built using HTML, CSS & Javascript using the Phonegap framework.

The Phonegap frame work while not required for Firefox OS I will use for when adding to the iOS and Android app stores eventually.

Asteroid Blaster

August 31, 2014

Save the planet from an asteroid shower.
Launch your space rocket and blast your way through each wave of asteroids plummeting towards the planet!
Tilt your device in order to control your spaceship!

A game built using HTML, CSS & Javascript. Using the Phonegap framework to distribute to the iOS and Firefox OS app stores. Planning to release to Android soon.