About Me

My name is Rory Standley, a PHP developer based in the Midlands, England. I have been developing website’s and writing scripts for a good few years now through college, university and into my adult working life.

I’ve learnt many different web technologies along the way and several tools to use them. As with any trade, the tools and methods change. So I regularly research new and upcoming technologies to ensure I keep up with the latest developments.

I have designed many websites over the years, as a freelance developer for friends, family and local business to large business websites in my current role as PHP Developer for a leading UK Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) company. My sites are always built to the latest W3C standards and always with cross-browser compatibility, accessibility and usability in mind.

The purpose of this site is to act as an online portfolio, showcasing a few of the projects past and present I have been working on. Although I specialise in PHP development, I class myself as a “Web Developer” as I deal with everything from design, build and server configuration, not just back-end PHP development.