Book Review – Warriors of the Storm

Author: Bernard Cornwell

Book: Warriors of the Storm (The Warrior Chronicles)

Rating: 9

The ninth book in The Warrior Chronicles. Aethelflaed, still commands in Mercia. The church have decided that Chester needs a Bishop, you can imagine what Uhtred might have to say about this. Uhtred, is still sworn to Aethelflaed, and so continues in his duties protecting the land of Mercia. Bebbanburgh, is still very much at the forefront of Uhtred’s mind. In true fashion he is scheming his way there.

Uhtred, finds himself out numbered greatly from a host of new enemies. We start to see the introduction of an Irish contingent bent on some mission. A new Dane, leader Ragnall Looking to claim what the Northmen, have been after all this time.

With Aethelflaed, reluctant to do anything other than protect what she has within Mercia, Uhtred is left to play a clever game of chess.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Do not think it is the best book in the series, but certainly good all the same. Uhtred, must be running out of people to fight fast! Strong narrative and a beautiful intertwining of personal commitment and political commitments. Some nice twists that keep you thinking.

Bit confused as previous books he was getting too old for all of this and struggled to get by some days. In this book however, he is simply getting older. Hopefully he has a bit longer to go yet though!

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